About us

We are a group of NJ residents who oppose NJ Senate bill S1534 and companion Assembly bill A2586.

You can read more about this bill elsewhere on this site, but since it has statewide impact, this problematic bill cannot be addressed at a local level. This site exists to unite people from different communities across New Jersey into a coalition.

We recognize the importance of higher education (in fact, many of us are beneficiaries of higher education), and don’t feel that opposing these misguided bills is contradicting that support. A bad land use bill is just that: a bad bill.

We don’t have the lobbying resources that universities have, but we do intend to make our voices heard.

An ever growing list of individuals, officials, governments, professional and non-profit groups has spoken out against this legislation.

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Contacting us

  • For general inquiries about this website or this bill, you can get in touch with us at info@comcolcoa.org
  • We would be happy to take questions from media and press. Members of the press can contact us at media@comcolcoa.org
  • Feel free to leave an appropriate comment in the section below.

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